ART POST DIGITAL - Party and ART Collab during Social Media Week 2013

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Announcing ART POST DIGITAL - An open multi-media group showing and party during Social Media Week 2013, where local artists and guests collaborate on one central art piece, titled POST, by donating electronic waste, specifically, outdated media, entertainment and communication devices such as tube television sets, cell phones and cameras.

Participants are encouraged to break apart and attach their donated devices to the central POST piece, akin to responding on an online forum, retweeting, or commenting on a Facebook post, which soon becomes buried or already instantly irrelevant. 

POST is a narrative experiential art piece on what is considered noise, waste or is simply outdated, and what is created regardless. Participants are officially added to the artist index at the end of the night. 


Date: 26 September 2013, 6PM to 1AM

Location: The Creation Lab, Centre for Social Innovation, 720 Bathurst Street, Toronto ON


The Ultimate Selfie

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There is the art gallery version and the inner-circle version.

Mobile Photo Booth-1.jpg

Last night I debut yet another strange and new camera hack at Toronto Design Offsite's Opening Party. It was a world first, and I showed with ceramicist Grace Eunmi Lee and installation artist Xiaojing Yan.  The exhibit was part techie overdrive and the joy of taking photos rolled into one. I essentially made it possible to finally take a really good photo of yourself. I set up a LCD display so you could pose [just like a traditional selfie] and then gave participants the button in the form of a tablet. Its EXACTLY a selfie, just cheating a little with professional lights :) 

Here is the official description

"The Ultimate Selfie
Mobile Photo Booth by Motion and Still

The worlds first truly mobile photo booth, take the ultimate self-shot using your smart phone to control a professional photo studio. No app required, take a photo and see your images uploaded live online. 

The Ultimate Selfie is a hardware/software hack developed by Gwen Brydson, tech entrepreneur at

Mobile Photo Booth-2.jpg

The Technology / Behind the curtain - Every single photographer / programmer / engineer who came by and saw it lost their s***. This is because "The Ultimate Selfie" was actually a complex technological process; to physically trigger a professional DSLR camera with a tablet. 

It worked with no app download required, which is the black magic. You essentially have to have a server running, while hardware and software work together to control physical lights, an actual shutter trigger, white loading up the images live to Facebook, bypassing all the 'Approve','OK' and 'Confirm' buttons using several different online platforms. You also need to build a custom-coded web page with a programmed key to activate another program which activates the camera, turns on Live View [so people can see themselves] which then sends a radio signal to a power pack, which controls the studio lights. 

Mobile Photo Booth-1-2.jpg

Short Film - "Air" by Sarah Remedios

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Here is a passion project I shot over the holiday weeks of December. A short film titled "Air", it is choreographed by Beth Danks and performed by Sarah Remedios. 

I produced, shot and edited it. It took 2 years of motion training, several roles as a DOP and hundreds of hours of work on Premiere Pro to have the collective knowledge to do this from start to end. But, there is always something else to learn. 

I hope you enjoy watching. 

Winter projects with Happy Creations

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It's been a heck of a lapse since the last post, boys and girls. 2012 has been busy. We're talking shoots outta my ears, productions on the go and videos to be edited. Installations have come and gone, including the most awesome recent TEDx Toronto installation titled TWO-MAN RULE, which you can check out at your leisure on the official Facebook gallery shared on TEDx Toronto's FB page.

Enough with the ramble, here is the latest and greatest : Announcing the birth of a new collaborative effort with Happy Creations headed by Star Spider and Ben Badger.  

Good things come back, and come back in force. 

3 years ago, I had the fortune of meeting Star Spider. I was working the scene as a reporter for a local newspaper and Star was the lead organiser for what I thought was a pretty spiffy, unique event that showcased both art and tech, called Subtle Technologies. We met, exchanged cards, and then went on our own way. 

Flash forward to Halloween 2012. A random, seasons-greetings email on Linkedin from Star hit my inbox. For some strange reason, I read it. Past google filters and my trigger-happy delete finger, I found out that Star and her hubby Ben were now a creative concept/editor team. 

For months now, I'd been looking for a scriptwriter and an editor who were willing to experiment with my 2-DSLR set up. To make something special with the cranes, audio equipment, lights and dollys I had amassed over 2 years of commercial video work. 

It was a match - made through serendipity, slogging and the want to create. We met to bash around ideas, and to basically see if we'd be a fit. In two hours, we came up with a strong concept and a tentative shoot date. Fit, check. A day later, a script was borne and this post is out, to announce a project in the works. 

As usual, the call is now open for peeps who want to be part of this project as crew. It's rare to be able to do a creative for once, and this one is a good one. 

I'm looking for grip, second cam op, boom op and a light assistant. You can also be an all-in-one sort of person, which would mean you'd fit perfectly with Star, Ben and myself on this indie production. If you're free the first week of December, let me know. Early times, but it's never too soon to match up with a bunch of people who just want to get stuff done. 

Alex the Stuntman - Bond and Bruce

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Here is a shoot with Alex Duong, a talented stuntman - we called the shoot "Bond and Bruce" and it followed the rhythm of a classic 007 script. We ran the shoot by dressing up, getting to the ball and then getting dirty.

Model : Alex Duong
Stylist : Denise Bernard-Vegter
Photographer : Gwen Bydson
Assistant/Water Balloon Expert : Patrick Biller

The above picture is actually a true depiction of a huge water balloon getting itself punched out by Alex. Patrick, my assistant, threw about 3 dozen balloons before we got the shot we wanted. Timing is everything, and both myself and my assistant were soaked through. 

How to get the radial water effect
- Position assistant dead-on in path of water 
- Get him to throw it as hard as possible and be a trooper about it
- Hide tacks in the model's hand so they pierce the skins on impact
- Get model to actually aim for and punch. Hopefully he nails it

Storyboards and a guerilla marketing campaign

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Two things that have been keeping me busy : A guerilla marketing campaign with Tech superstartup SkedX and  the production of a social media video series for a rubber client.

We are marching 7 robots up Yonge St to King and Bay during Monday rush hour. We will be there at 9AM, with 3 shooters, while the robots mingle with the crowd just coming into work. We will then head up Yonge to Dundas Sq, Breakfast Television.

There will be a live stream, video, photography and an active Twitter and FB profile to tie everything together. Of course, also a hashtag #skedxrobots. 

Here is the storyboard :) 

How to make a viral video

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Make it simple, involve the viewer and keep it short.

I've been signed on as a Social Media campaign manager to create a viral video for a tech startup. It is awesome, I love what I am doing now, and I get to spend every single weekday next to the lake.

Anyway, back to how to make a viral video. We're doing an awesome concept, a guerrilla marketing campaign which will be rolled out downtown. I credit a 21-year old intern for the idea, because it is brilliant in it's simplicity.

I would not have been able to connect the dots without photography. What makes a picture important is also what makes a social media message viral.

The value of a picture is dependent on who looks at it, and how many people noticed it at once. How many times? Where? Did it grab your attention? Did it bring up emotion? Would you remember it, and talk about it? Would you share it? Would you believe it? Would you present it as an extension of yourself if so moved?

Broadcast People a success at |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week 2012

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Its been quiet on this blog, but really loud everywhere else. I've just finished a debut exhibit at |FAT| 2012 Arts & Fashion Week, and I want to thank Matt, my ever-suffering mate, Vanja Vasic, Sonja Marie, the Broadcast People volunteer team and the hundreds of people who participated for making this project possible.

A fusion of social media , photography and video, the project explores a person's choice to go public or remain private on the web, and is a study on modern-day intimacy. Over 2500 photos were taken over the course of 4 days, broadcast unedited, unscripted, autonomously and automatically through one red button.

As a Facebook-based social media experiment, it was wildly successful, with 675 views on its first night alone. Released on April 20th, 2012, in 4 days, the project has reached 19733 people, with 307 people sharing Broadcast People posts on their walls.

The project has been called the future, and we're the first ones on the scene.

I have enough data to chart the progression of a viral video on Facebook from start to end, so I will be working on a thesis in the coming months after this. It started as a social media experiment, but it has grown to so much more, so fast. However, in the end, it is all about the people who made it happen. If you would like to hear news about this touring project, volunteer for future installations or are just curious, email me at and I will add your name to the mailing list.

If you are interested in becoming a potential partner or mentor, contact Gwen directly at

Thank you again, for being a part of Broadcast People.

Broadcast People at Fashion Art Toronto 2012

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My project Broadcast People is going to be debuting at FAT 2012, also known as Arts & Fashion Week,  alternative fashion week and lastly, Fashion Arts Toronto 2012. I've just received the schedule and layout, and I am super excited to see that not only are we going to be featured at its massive DRESSING ROOM PROJECT ONSITEexhibit, but it is right in the heart of the venue. I'm hoping to talk, cajole and convince at least 200 people during FAT to broadcast themselves, and hopefully have media peeps interview me live on air while contributing to the project itself.

It all started with a basic question that everyone has answered before, "Will your profile be public or private?" It is an exploration of social media and photography, and the want to communicate.

Here is my Artist Page on FAT 2012. Please share it, tweet it, blog it. It is all part of this mobile, evolving project. Everyone is invited to participate. 

For media inquiries, send an email to
For more information, to volunteer or participate, email

Award from NOISE 2012

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Here is a tearsheet of my work, presented by NOISE 2012.  They were printed and shown in the subway system and appeared in their 2012 Festival Showcase Exhibition.

My mom attended on my behalf, and she had a great time.

Portfolio #1

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This year, I've decided to make a portfolio showcasing all the work that I love to do. I've assembled bits from my different shoots to come up with the final product, now all I have to figure out is how to make sure it stays in relatively one piece as it changes hands. Any ideas?

Broadcast People

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Announcing my upcoming shoot, Broadcast People. I am shooting tomorrow and will be working with 37 or so people. A fusion of social media and photography, it's gonna be a live broadcast, possibly a madhouse, and hopefully an awesome, inspiring day.

Head to the website to watch it live.

This project is going to premiere at Fashion Art Toronto aka alternative fashion week during their fashionscapes installation.

First Screening of the Broadcast People Project
16 February 2012 - 8AM to 8PM EST

Happiness is a FAT FUTURE

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I am super happy to see this sentence.

"Your proposal was accepted into this year’s programming and we have chosen your work to be featured at |FAT| 2012 "fashionSCAPES", the seventh edition of the festival."

My project deals with the future of photography, social media and a simple innocuous Facebook question : Public or private?

Awards, Honours and Thanks

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Wow things are coming in, fast and heavy.

First off, I've just won a photography award in my country of origin. Called NOISE 2012 Singapore, my work will be displayed on billboards in the transit system. I am honoured and was a little surprised to receive the award, but happy as heck that I won! :) Roughly 3 million people take transit in Singapore everyday and that makes me smile. 

I have been selected to be at a roundtable discussion with Hon. Peter Kent, Minister of the Environment next Monday. 

Minister’s Round Table 2012 convenes a select group of Canadians to help set direction for the future and will focus on Connecting Canadian Youth to the very essence of Canada through Parks Canada’s places. Trends such as urbanization, increasing diversity through immigration and a lack of awareness among youth of our country’s rich natural and cultural heritage are driving forces for Parks Canada’s renewal and outreach. There is a need to remain relevant to a variety of populations, especially young, urban and new Canadians, who are less familiar with Parks Canada. 

I am all of the above and I am again, honoured to be considered. Thanks to all the amazing Canadians that showed me Canada to begin with. This is for you. 

Announcing Short Film - CAR

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What was I busy doing in Asia? Besides hanging out with my family, I shot a series of short films exploring the dynamic of being a Singaporean. It is something close to my heart yet totally new. I saw Singapore from a foreigner's eyes, after being away for so long and furthermore, returning as a photographer. Being there and shooting from the simplest perch, my own, irrevocably made it a memoir of returning home.

As my first ambitious foray into short film making, I owe a lot to the prowess of my indefatigable family for being so "drama".

Surprise! Here is the trailer for CAR - Sequence 1: Child
Watch it in 1080!

CAR - A trio of short films on being Singaporean. Through the eyes of a child on his way home, a young mixed-race adult contemplating her existence between two worlds and a grandma, returning to the place of her birth.