Announcing Short Film - CAR

Posted on by Gwen Brydson

What was I busy doing in Asia? Besides hanging out with my family, I shot a series of short films exploring the dynamic of being a Singaporean. It is something close to my heart yet totally new. I saw Singapore from a foreigner's eyes, after being away for so long and furthermore, returning as a photographer. Being there and shooting from the simplest perch, my own, irrevocably made it a memoir of returning home.

As my first ambitious foray into short film making, I owe a lot to the prowess of my indefatigable family for being so "drama".

Surprise! Here is the trailer for CAR - Sequence 1: Child
Watch it in 1080!

CAR - A trio of short films on being Singaporean. Through the eyes of a child on his way home, a young mixed-race adult contemplating her existence between two worlds and a grandma, returning to the place of her birth.