Awards, Honours and Thanks

Posted on by Gwen Brydson

Wow things are coming in, fast and heavy.

First off, I've just won a photography award in my country of origin. Called NOISE 2012 Singapore, my work will be displayed on billboards in the transit system. I am honoured and was a little surprised to receive the award, but happy as heck that I won! :) Roughly 3 million people take transit in Singapore everyday and that makes me smile. 

I have been selected to be at a roundtable discussion with Hon. Peter Kent, Minister of the Environment next Monday. 

Minister’s Round Table 2012 convenes a select group of Canadians to help set direction for the future and will focus on Connecting Canadian Youth to the very essence of Canada through Parks Canada’s places. Trends such as urbanization, increasing diversity through immigration and a lack of awareness among youth of our country’s rich natural and cultural heritage are driving forces for Parks Canada’s renewal and outreach. There is a need to remain relevant to a variety of populations, especially young, urban and new Canadians, who are less familiar with Parks Canada. 

I am all of the above and I am again, honoured to be considered. Thanks to all the amazing Canadians that showed me Canada to begin with. This is for you.