Broadcast People at Fashion Art Toronto 2012

Posted on by Gwen Brydson

My project Broadcast People is going to be debuting at FAT 2012, also known as Arts & Fashion Week,  alternative fashion week and lastly, Fashion Arts Toronto 2012. I've just received the schedule and layout, and I am super excited to see that not only are we going to be featured at its massive DRESSING ROOM PROJECT ONSITEexhibit, but it is right in the heart of the venue. I'm hoping to talk, cajole and convince at least 200 people during FAT to broadcast themselves, and hopefully have media peeps interview me live on air while contributing to the project itself.

It all started with a basic question that everyone has answered before, "Will your profile be public or private?" It is an exploration of social media and photography, and the want to communicate.

Here is my Artist Page on FAT 2012. Please share it, tweet it, blog it. It is all part of this mobile, evolving project. Everyone is invited to participate. 

For media inquiries, send an email to
For more information, to volunteer or participate, email