Broadcast People a success at |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week 2012

Posted on by Gwen Brydson

Its been quiet on this blog, but really loud everywhere else. I've just finished a debut exhibit at |FAT| 2012 Arts & Fashion Week, and I want to thank Matt, my ever-suffering mate, Vanja Vasic, Sonja Marie, the Broadcast People volunteer team and the hundreds of people who participated for making this project possible.

A fusion of social media , photography and video, the project explores a person's choice to go public or remain private on the web, and is a study on modern-day intimacy. Over 2500 photos were taken over the course of 4 days, broadcast unedited, unscripted, autonomously and automatically through one red button.

As a Facebook-based social media experiment, it was wildly successful, with 675 views on its first night alone. Released on April 20th, 2012, in 4 days, the project has reached 19733 people, with 307 people sharing Broadcast People posts on their walls.

The project has been called the future, and we're the first ones on the scene.

I have enough data to chart the progression of a viral video on Facebook from start to end, so I will be working on a thesis in the coming months after this. It started as a social media experiment, but it has grown to so much more, so fast. However, in the end, it is all about the people who made it happen. If you would like to hear news about this touring project, volunteer for future installations or are just curious, email me at and I will add your name to the mailing list.

If you are interested in becoming a potential partner or mentor, contact Gwen directly at

Thank you again, for being a part of Broadcast People.