How to make a viral video

Posted on by Gwen Brydson

Make it simple, involve the viewer and keep it short.

I've been signed on as a Social Media campaign manager to create a viral video for a tech startup. It is awesome, I love what I am doing now, and I get to spend every single weekday next to the lake.

Anyway, back to how to make a viral video. We're doing an awesome concept, a guerrilla marketing campaign which will be rolled out downtown. I credit a 21-year old intern for the idea, because it is brilliant in it's simplicity.

I would not have been able to connect the dots without photography. What makes a picture important is also what makes a social media message viral.

The value of a picture is dependent on who looks at it, and how many people noticed it at once. How many times? Where? Did it grab your attention? Did it bring up emotion? Would you remember it, and talk about it? Would you share it? Would you believe it? Would you present it as an extension of yourself if so moved?