Alex the Stuntman - Bond and Bruce

Posted on by Gwen Brydson

Here is a shoot with Alex Duong, a talented stuntman - we called the shoot "Bond and Bruce" and it followed the rhythm of a classic 007 script. We ran the shoot by dressing up, getting to the ball and then getting dirty.

Model : Alex Duong
Stylist : Denise Bernard-Vegter
Photographer : Gwen Bydson
Assistant/Water Balloon Expert : Patrick Biller

The above picture is actually a true depiction of a huge water balloon getting itself punched out by Alex. Patrick, my assistant, threw about 3 dozen balloons before we got the shot we wanted. Timing is everything, and both myself and my assistant were soaked through. 

How to get the radial water effect
- Position assistant dead-on in path of water 
- Get him to throw it as hard as possible and be a trooper about it
- Hide tacks in the model's hand so they pierce the skins on impact
- Get model to actually aim for and punch. Hopefully he nails it