Winter projects with Happy Creations

Posted on by Gwen Brydson

It's been a heck of a lapse since the last post, boys and girls. 2012 has been busy. We're talking shoots outta my ears, productions on the go and videos to be edited. Installations have come and gone, including the most awesome recent TEDx Toronto installation titled TWO-MAN RULE, which you can check out at your leisure on the official Facebook gallery shared on TEDx Toronto's FB page.

Enough with the ramble, here is the latest and greatest : Announcing the birth of a new collaborative effort with Happy Creations headed by Star Spider and Ben Badger.  

Good things come back, and come back in force. 

3 years ago, I had the fortune of meeting Star Spider. I was working the scene as a reporter for a local newspaper and Star was the lead organiser for what I thought was a pretty spiffy, unique event that showcased both art and tech, called Subtle Technologies. We met, exchanged cards, and then went on our own way. 

Flash forward to Halloween 2012. A random, seasons-greetings email on Linkedin from Star hit my inbox. For some strange reason, I read it. Past google filters and my trigger-happy delete finger, I found out that Star and her hubby Ben were now a creative concept/editor team. 

For months now, I'd been looking for a scriptwriter and an editor who were willing to experiment with my 2-DSLR set up. To make something special with the cranes, audio equipment, lights and dollys I had amassed over 2 years of commercial video work. 

It was a match - made through serendipity, slogging and the want to create. We met to bash around ideas, and to basically see if we'd be a fit. In two hours, we came up with a strong concept and a tentative shoot date. Fit, check. A day later, a script was borne and this post is out, to announce a project in the works. 

As usual, the call is now open for peeps who want to be part of this project as crew. It's rare to be able to do a creative for once, and this one is a good one. 

I'm looking for grip, second cam op, boom op and a light assistant. You can also be an all-in-one sort of person, which would mean you'd fit perfectly with Star, Ben and myself on this indie production. If you're free the first week of December, let me know. Early times, but it's never too soon to match up with a bunch of people who just want to get stuff done.