The Ultimate Selfie

Posted on by Gwen Brydson

There is the art gallery version and the inner-circle version.

Mobile Photo Booth-1.jpg

Last night I debut yet another strange and new camera hack at Toronto Design Offsite's Opening Party. It was a world first, and I showed with ceramicist Grace Eunmi Lee and installation artist Xiaojing Yan.  The exhibit was part techie overdrive and the joy of taking photos rolled into one. I essentially made it possible to finally take a really good photo of yourself. I set up a LCD display so you could pose [just like a traditional selfie] and then gave participants the button in the form of a tablet. Its EXACTLY a selfie, just cheating a little with professional lights :) 

Here is the official description

"The Ultimate Selfie
Mobile Photo Booth by Motion and Still

The worlds first truly mobile photo booth, take the ultimate self-shot using your smart phone to control a professional photo studio. No app required, take a photo and see your images uploaded live online. 

The Ultimate Selfie is a hardware/software hack developed by Gwen Brydson, tech entrepreneur at

Mobile Photo Booth-2.jpg

The Technology / Behind the curtain - Every single photographer / programmer / engineer who came by and saw it lost their s***. This is because "The Ultimate Selfie" was actually a complex technological process; to physically trigger a professional DSLR camera with a tablet. 

It worked with no app download required, which is the black magic. You essentially have to have a server running, while hardware and software work together to control physical lights, an actual shutter trigger, white loading up the images live to Facebook, bypassing all the 'Approve','OK' and 'Confirm' buttons using several different online platforms. You also need to build a custom-coded web page with a programmed key to activate another program which activates the camera, turns on Live View [so people can see themselves] which then sends a radio signal to a power pack, which controls the studio lights. 

Mobile Photo Booth-1-2.jpg